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Tarot: Dr. James Wanless debunked! - oudler
Tarot: Dr. James Wanless debunked!

Few cultural artifacts have been as distorted and misrepresentated as the Tarot. Tarot cards were first created for playing a card game and the fortune telling excercises evolved much later. There is no evidence that Tarot cards were created for any other purpose than for playing a trick taking card game. In France, Tarot is played as a classic card game where it has been called the Chess of card games.
Too many of those promoting the use of Tarot for divinatory purposes often falsify the history of these cards. Dr. James Wanless appears to be one of those who are either ignorant or intentionally deceptive on this matter.
It behooves all of us who are interested in the history of classic board and card games to debunk the common falsehoods often spread about this deck of cards.
Links to factual information about the Tarot and of its use in card games







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